Out but NOT down!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Sports Page Are you a baseball fan? We are Braves fans in our house and we were sorry to hear about Tim Hudson's recent injury. Sunday, the Atlanta Journal shared a story about how he would be out for the season, but he wasn't down, thanks to the children and staff of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Hudson and his wife, Kim, have been strong supporters of the hospital and those treated there. Many years ago our family spent some time at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta when our son, Sam, had club foot surgery on [...]

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Do you like surprises? Or are you one of those people who likes to know everything in advance?  My husband isn't one for surprise parties or large crowds where he is the center of attention.  He prefers the more intimate settings with a few people.  I made the mistake when we were first married of planning him a surprise birthday party.  I'll never forget what he said when we climbed in the car to go home. I love you more than life itself and I appreciate all the work it took for you to do this for me, but please [...]

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