Stress or Peace?

What is the most urgent thing on your "to do" list today in preparation for Christmas?  Is it mailing your Christmas cards? Or are you like me and you haven't even thought about the  picture for your Christmas cards.  Maybe your "to do" list is filled with names of people you have to purchase gifts for and wrap.  Have you started your baking yet?  Party planning and juggling the Christmas calendar of events you've been invited to attend? Life has been a bit chaotic for me lately, without adding my Christmas "to do" list to the mix.  Just to give [...]

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Who are you following?

Have you ever played Follow the Leader?  It's a playground game where one person is chosen to be the leader and everyone else follows them and does whatever the leader does.  When I used to teach kindergarten, my students would play it often.  Problems would arise when the students couldn't decide who was going to be leader or when one of the followers decided he was tired of following and chose to break off and do his own thing. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus says, Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. The invitation He issued isn't [...]

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