One thing you can wear that never goes out of style!

What are you wearing today? Do you plan it out in advance or just walk in your closet and put on the first things you touch? My daughter loves fashion. At one time she thought she wanted to be a fashion designer. She used to sketch designs in little sketch book I had given her after spending hours pouring through magazines. I told her I would support her passion as long as she followed one standard... Everything you designed and everything you wear must bring honor and glory to God. She's since moved on with her career ambitions; however, she [...]

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“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….”

Do you like salmon? I love it and eat it often.  One of my dear friends, Karen, and I are salmon-a-holics and when we meet for lunch we don't really care where we eat as long as they have salmon on the menu.  It's not if we'll have salmon for lunch, it's how will we have our salmon prepared. I think another reason I like salmon is because of the references made about salmon swimming up stream.  They don't naturally go with the flow. They are different and they like it that way. If you're a follower of Jesus, you [...]

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How to always get it right!

Are you a perfectionist?  Do you do things over and over until you get them right? Or are you more of a get it done, turn it in and move on kind of person?  I believe you should always put your best foot forward as the saying goes. When I taught kindergarten I had a student named Andy who hadn't quite learned that lesson.  Andy preferred not to be bothered with work, especially work that wasn't of his choosing.  One day I gave the class an assignment and Andy scribbled something down on his paper and handed it to me [...]

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