Your Who or Your Do?

Do you sit still very often? My mother will tell you that even when I sit some part of me is in motion. If I'm honest, it's usually my mouth. I tell people I've been given the spiritual gift of blab. The reality is I talk a lot. Even if I'm not talking, my leg is swinging or my knee is bouncing or something is moving. When I was little, my grandmother would say, She is such a busy little thing." I'm a doer. I guess I'm more like Martha, in that I'm always doing something [Luke 10:38-42]. So many [...]

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Landmark Legislation Aimed at Trafficking

Did you happen to catch the national news yesterday? Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, signed four bills into law that will help fuel the fight against human trafficking in his state. These new laws increase the penalties against perpetrators, broaden the reach of those held accountable and offer more resources for victims of this horrific crime. You can read those bills hereĀ (HB 1025, HB 569, HB 1105 and HB 1262). At the signing of the bills into law, Governor Jindal said, I am proud to sign these bills into law to help us win the war against human trafficking in Louisiana. [...]

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