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Have you ever been on 285 in Atlanta? It is literally a circle around the city. It connects the major interstates as well as suburbs all around Atlanta. I will never forget the first time I personally drove on 285. It was the day we moved to Atlanta. Mark was in a car with a child and I was in the other car with a child. I was supposed to be following him to our new house. It was an emotional day for me because I had just left the city I'd lived in my entire thirty-one years to start [...]

Don’t Stop!

Sheldon Cooper Do you watch television? Mark and I have a few shows we watch, but by far the television is on more now that our kids are home from college. One program that seems popular with their generation is the Big Bang Theory. I'm not a huge fan of the over sexualized content of the show, but I do love watching the star character, Sheldon Cooper. One of the things he is most notoriously known for is the knock. [youtube][/youtube] When Sheldon wants something, he is tenacious and unrelenting. The other characters know they might as well give in because he [...]

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Do you have a tool I can borrow?

Do you have a tool chest? Is it full or are you continually adding new tools to it? My husband bought a Craftsman tool chest because he had outgrown his smaller toolbox and needed a place to store all of his tools together. We all have tools we use in life. Some of us have tools like a paint brush, a guitar pick, a computer or even a chef's knife. What kind of tools do you use in your line of work? Last night I hosted a new Bible study in my home. We are using the book The Circle Maker by Mark [...]

Circle Up!

How do you respond when someone asks you to pray for something? Do you tell them you will and then go on about your day, praying about it if you remember it? Or do you fear you'll forget so you pray for it right then and there? Do you only pray about it once or do you contend until you see breakthrough? Our culture seems to be one of immediate gratification. We want everything we want and we want it now. The idea of having to wait or wrestle with something in prayer seems almost unheard of today. Do we [...]

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What are you reading these days?

What are you reading these days?  I'm usually juggling a couple of books at once.  I think it's important to be a life long learner.  I guess that's the teacher in me.  I try to keep a non-fiction book going and since attending the Catalyst Conference in October, I have a stack taller than the lamp on my bedside table that I'm working my way through. I managed to buy books on everything from human sex trafficking to prayer. You can go to Goodreads and check out what I've been reading lately. I just finished The Circle Maker by Mark [...]

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