Got bread today?

Do you pray the Lord's prayer often? When I attended a denominational church it was part of our Sunday morning service. Now that I attend a nondenominational church we do not say it routinely, however, I love it. Whether spoken or sung, the words are soothing to my heart. Yesterday, at our prayer meeting we prayed through the Lord's prayer and my mind camped on one part of it for the day. Give us this day our daily bread." [Matthew 6:11] I've always understood that to mean more than just food, but rather give us what we need for the [...]

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The Perfect Thing to Feast on First Thing in the Morning!

Do you wake hungry? I woke up this morning thinking about what I could eat. It was almost as if I hadn't eaten in days. Before 6 a.m. this morning I was making baked oatmeal and anticipating the flavors. I started grabbing fruit and nuts to add to yogurt on top of it. Do you wake up anticipating the Word of God the same way? I had to ask myself that question today. Do I anticipate a bite of the Word the way I was anticipating a bite of that baked oatmeal?" Do I understand the necessity of feeding my spirit [...]

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