North Carolina Pottery Do you like pottery? One of my favorite things about going home to North Carolina is the pottery. There is a town about an hour from my parent's house called Seagrove that is filled with potters, some of them are third and fourth generation potters. I have been many times and have collected some beautiful pieces through the years. Cagle's Pottery is one of my favorite places to visit. Their family has been throwing pottery on the wheel since 1791 It is quality craftsmanship. The white scalloped bowl pictured is from Cagle's. Another favorite of mine [...]

God’s Not Dead

Have you seen the movie, God's Not Dead yet? It is a story of a young college student, Josh Wheaton, who is challenged by an atheist professor to declare God is dead. When the student refuses to do so, the professor tells him he'd better be prepared to debate and defend his position and if he fails to do so, he fails the class. This picture is very exciting for Riverstone Church, because our worship pastor, Daniel Bashta, wrote the theme song. It was first made popular by David Crowder. He discovered it on Youtube and played it for the first time [...]

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What is He shaping you into?

Sarah Wells Rolland Do you like pottery? I not only love pottery, but I am fascinated by the process of throwing clay on a potter's wheel. I'm amazed by the skilled hands taking a clump of clay and turning it into a masterpiece. I grew up in North Carolina close to Seagrove where third and forth generation potters live. With the help of maps, you can drive through the back woods of Seagrove and find some amazing artists. It used to be a frequent stop of mine on my way to the beach. It's been years since I've [...]

Is God dead or alive?

Picture by Kim Matthews Have you heard the song, God's Not Dead, by the Newboys?  It was written by my worship pastor, Daniel Bashta.  The song is originally titled Like a Lion, and was first released by David Crowder. While both the Newsboys and David Crowder have made the song popular among music listeners, you've never really heard the song as it was intended until you hear Daniel Bashta sing it live.  It's far more rocking and less subdued than Crowder did it and far less pop music than the Newsboys.  If you ever have the opportunity to [...]

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