How do you use it?

Have you ever straightened out a paperclip to use as a tool? Used a dime to twist a screw because you didn't have a screwdriver handy? Have you used a clothespin to hold a bag of chips closed? There are many times people use things as they weren't intended and no harm is done. Let's face it, using a clothespin as a chip clip doesn't damage the clothes pin. In fact, once your bag of chips is finished, you can use the clothespin to put your laundry out on the line if you wanted to (assuming you actually had a [...]

Do you know where you’re going?

Are you where you want to be in life? Are you working the type of job you want? Are you living where you want to live? Having the spiritual gift of blab, I may or may not be known as someone who will talk with anyone, anywhere. I love to strike up conversations with people I don't know and learn their stories. I'm curious. that way. I am forever a student in life, learning all I can from others. I meet some of the most interesting people. I've also had some great friendships or ministry connections come out of these [...]

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Isn’t it time you know who you are?

Have you ever seen the movie Princess Diaries 2? If you have daughter, chances are it's one of many princess movies you've seen.  My daughter and I have watched that movie so many times I could almost quote it. Yesterday during my prayer time, the Lord brought a particular scene from that movie to mind. It's when princess Mia stopped the parade through town.  Rather than tell you about it, allow me to show it to you: [youtube][/youtube] Princess Mia didn't ask anyone's permission to stop the parade. She halted the parade because she became aware of an injustice. She witnessed [...]

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