Look who crept in…

Do you enjoy yard work?  I don't mind it, it's just finding the time to do it.  I can't let it go but so long before I have to get out there and get it done.  This morning as I was looking out my back window, I realized the shrubs around the stone wall had to be trimmed.  They couldn't take one more day without attention. I gathered all of my tools and made my way in the backyard.  As I began to tend to the shrubs, I noticed ivy wound around the base of the shrubs.  I haven't planted [...]

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10 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Social Media Outlets Do you leave your front door unlocked? Or are you the type that locks the doorknob, the deadbolt and sets the alarm whether you're at home or not? We have locks on our doors to keep unwanted guests out of our homes. We want to protect our belongings, but more importantly, the people we love. None of us would willingly open our front doors to dangerous people and invite them in to have their way in our homes, but it happens every day through technology. When we allow our children to get on the internet [...]

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