Got room?

Got room? How crazy is your average day? Are you able to fit everything into your schedule? Get everyone up Make breakfast Clean up the kitchen Shower and get yourself dressed Work all day Swing by the grocery store to pick up something to cook for dinner Or is it hit the drive through Clean up after dinner Help with homework Straighten the house for the next day Tuck everyone into bed At some point try to squeeze in a workout Have a conversation with your spouse Does that about sum up your day? It's crazy isn't it? And it [...]

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Check please!

Do you go out to dinner with friends often? I meet people for coffee fairly regularly, but dinner out with friends doesn't happen as often. It's a time issue for me and I have a family that depends on me to feed them on a semi-regular basis. However, this is my birth month. Yes, I said month. My husband is just now figuring out that men have birth days and women have birth months. I've had friends taking me out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in celebration. It's been a blast to connect with so many friends in a short [...]

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Did you know God is southern?

Do you call the evening meal supper or dinner? According to a poll taken by the women of Wesley United Methodist Church, supper is the more common term for the evening meal.  God backs them up.  The word supper is used in the Bible more frequently than dinner. However you say it, the evening meal is typically the time when families relax, gather together, and share about their days. My favorite part of the meal has always been dessert.  I have a huge sweet tooth.  I loved it when my mom would make chocolate chip cookies.  They're the best, especially [...]

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