Lobby Day 2015: Raise Your Voice for Hope

Are you familiar with Lobby Day in Georgia? Lobby Day is a day set aside by the front line organizations in the fight against domestic minor sex trafficking where people come together as one united voice. The first Lobby Day I attended was in February of 2011.  The group gathered on the capitol steps to listen to various speakers about the steps necessary to combat the fight against sex trafficking in our state before tugging on the ears of those in the legislature. Since then the event has grown exponentially and the results of this event have been significant. There are [...]

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“Ignoring child sex trafficking doesn’t make it go away.”

Have you heard of the movie 8 Days? It is a movie that is traveling the country in Studio Movie Grill theaters around the country. It was produced by After Eden Studios Production. The Atlanta premiere was last night at the Studio Movie Grill on Holcomb Bridge Road. The majority of the cast attended the premiere and were on hand to take pictures and answer questions about the film. Jaco and Philippa Booyens learned about the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) and were greatly disturbed by it. They felt they had to use their craft to draw awareness and enlist [...]

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