From Trash to Treasure

Do you recycle? Do you your have a trashcan where you dispose of your waste and then have a separate can where you dispose of your recyclable materials? Many people just throw everything in a trashcan and call it a day. They don't bother with taking the time to separateĀ out things that can be used again from those things that are simply garbage. They see it all as waste. To recycle takes time and effort. This past weekend as I drove to meet a friend for lunch I passed by a festival in a park. It seemed to go on [...]

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How to mine for gold and ALWAYS find it.

Do you know a senior graduating this year? I know more than I can count. In fact, I have one in my home. The senior year of high school is filled with all sorts of firsts and lasts in life. It is also the year of the weening process, much life weening a child from breastfeeding. It is the time to push the baby bird out of the nest so he/she can fly on their own. One of the things our church does to celebrate the senior class is host a senior banquet just before graduation. It is a time [...]

What does the label say?

Do you have a label maker? I do and I LOVE IT! I'm an organizational freak. I like things sorted, categorized and labeled. I go to great lengths to make sure my filing cabinets are color coordinated and labeled clearly. When I taught school, I labeled everything. If you could read, you could fully function in my classroom without having to ask where anything was or where anything went, because it was clearly labeled. What can I say, I like order and organization; however, I don't like labeling when it comes to people. While I love labeling things and find [...]

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