Where’s your tiara?

Disney World Do you watch Disney movies? My children have always loved them. At 21 and 19 they still enjoy watching them. My daughter is partial to the princess movies, with Cinderella being her all time favorite. She has watched all of the princess movies, read all of the princess books and dressed up like them, even when she didn't have the official costumes. When she was eight years old we took a family trip to Disney. They kids were beyond excited to ride the rides and see the shows, but the thing she was most excited about was meeting the [...]

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How full is your plate?

When your family has dinner together is the food plated and then served? Or does your family leave the food on the stovetop and counter for people to serve themselves? Or still, is the food brought to the table and everything passed around as people serve themselves? Growing up, Mom always put the food on the table and we passed everything around to fill our plates. In my house we typically serve our own plates buffet style and then take our plates to the table. More often than not, someone will put more of something on their plate than they can [...]

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