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It's Thanksgiving week and I'm excited. Traffic on the interstates will soon be moving at a snail's pace. Do you have to experience it? One year, traffic was so bad my younger brother turned his car off while sitting on the interstate to conserve gas. It's crazy. Airports are equally as hectic. Not only are there thousands of people trying to fly home, but then the weather could change quickly create a logistical nightmare. Why do we do it? Why do we endure the hassle of traveling this week every year? What makes it so special? Whether with neighbors, friends or family, we [...]

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Do you remember?

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? Something you pull out year after year that represents a special person or place? I love my nativity scenes. I have started collecting them. I have a nativity scene made out of olive wood from the Holy Land a friend brought me back from her trip there. When I look at this particular nativity scene, it makes me think of my dear friend but it also causes me to long for the day when I will be able to go to Israel and see the sights for myself. I have a hand carved [...]

How long?

Have you been praying for something for a while? You feel like you've asked and asked and asked God for it but you haven't seen even a glimmer of hope. Or maybe you feel like He told you something either in your quiet time or in a dream, like Joseph, and you haven't seen any sign of it happening? What do you do? Well, if you're like Joseph, you keep doing what is in front of you and make an impact there [Genesis 37-40]. No matter where life took him, whether favorable conditions or not, Joseph worked faithfully at whatever [...]

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Does God need your help?

How are you doing?  Seriously, I want to know? Are you in a good place right now or are you waiting on the Lord to step in to your circumstances? Me? I'm glad you asked. I've been waiting on the Lord to do something He promised me He would do. If I'm honest with you, it's been a bit frustrating at times.  I know I heard Him clearly, but I have yet to see Him move in that direction.  The enemy would just love it if I'd allow doubt to settle in or give in to the questions: Did God [...]

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Will you accept this heart?

Did you watch the Bachelor finale last night?  Sean Lowe was faced with decision of a lifetime.  After months of dating multiple women, he had narrowed the choice down to Catherine and Lindsay. Which woman would he send home and which one would he choose to spend the rest of his life with? Lindsay was confident.  She arrived at the final rose ceremony fully expecting to see Sean go down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Catherine was nervous and unsure of everything except for her feelings for Sean.  In the [...]

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