“Lady, what are you afraid of?”

Do you battle fear? Many people do and don't even realize it. I have recently picked up an old classic and it has blessed me beyond measure. If you haven't read Hinds Feet in High Places, I highly recommend it. There's even has a devotional out now based on the book. The story's main character, Much-Afraid, is someone we all can relate to in one way or another. She is afraid of many things. I have been blessed reading this and cannot recommend it enough. It is enriched with scripture throughout. This past week, I was in North Carolina to support a [...]

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Do you have a tool I can borrow?

Do you have a tool chest? Is it full or are you continually adding new tools to it? My husband bought a Craftsman tool chest because he had outgrown his smaller toolbox and needed a place to store all of his tools together. We all have tools we use in life. Some of us have tools like a paint brush, a guitar pick, a computer or even a chef's knife. What kind of tools do you use in your line of work? Last night I hosted a new Bible study in my home. We are using the book The Circle Maker by Mark [...]

Porn at Starbucks?

Are you a regular patron of Starbucks? I have to say it is a very convenient place to have a meeting. When looking for a place to meet for business or pleasure, there always seems to be a Starbucks close by. Yesterday, I had a meeting with a physician who read my book, Rescuing Hope, and wanted to meet with me to learn more about the issue of sex trafficking. She was familiar with it internationally, but knew very little about it domestically and wanted to learn more. I talked with her for over two hours answering her questions and [...]

The Fight Can Be Fun

Piedmont Park Did you have a good weekend? It was beautiful here in Atlanta. Did you get outside and enjoy the warm weather? Or did you take a trip for Father's Day? There was a lot going on in Atlanta not just for family fun, but also in the fight against sex trafficking in America. People often ask me, What can I possibly do to make a difference?" My husband and I spent Saturday morning in Piedmont Park running the Wellspring Living Run for One 5K. The weather was perfect for a morning run and the scenery was spectacular. There [...]

Are we really the land of the free?

Have you ever wondered what Forever Stamps are? Basically, the United States Postal Service created stamps that never lose their value. If the postage rate goes up, then the stamp value also goes up. The beauty of this is if you purchase postage and then the rate of a stamp increases, you don't have to go replace your postage. Yesterday, I addressing my Father's Day card for my daddy and reached in the drawer to pull out a stamp. I looked down and saw the stamp had the word freedom on it. But, because it was a forever stamp, it said so below the [...]

Fear or Fight?

What did you do this weekend? I had the opportunity to speak on the panel of experts at the Out of Darkness quarterly training. It is one of my favorite things to do, because I love this ministry and I am passionate about raising up warriors to join the fight against sex trafficking in America. As I talked with people at the break, it became apparent a big issue for some looking to join the fight is fear. There seem to be three universal fears people share: They're fearful they won't know what to do or say to the survivors. [...]

What have YOU heard today?

What's God been saying to you lately? Anything? I feel confident the answer is yes. Now whether we're tuned into His frequency is another story. We have to slow down and settle ourselves to hear from Him. He tells us to, Be still and know I am God..." [Psalm 46:10] When was the last time you were still? If your world is like mine, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to find time to sit still and listen. The good news is when we do, we're in good company [Mark 1:35]. We have to be still [...]

Say what?

Do you like quotes? I have a notebook I've dedicated to recording quotes that are powerful and impact me. Some of them are inspirational and some of them are just funny. One of the most powerful quotes I've run across in the past few years is from the famous abolitionist William Wilberforce. He said, You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know." I ran across this quote as I was in the research stages of my book, Rescuing Hope, and it propelled me to write so I would have [...]

You should thank a soldier!

Have you thanked a soldier lately? If you woke up in your own bed at a time you determined instead of someone else, you should thank a soldier.  If you have the privilege of being with your family in the safety of your own home, you should thank a soldier. If you will leave your house today for work, school or anywhere else, without fearing for your safety or your very life, you should thank a soldier. It is because of the men and women in uniform who put their very lives on the line so yours doesn't have to [...]

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