Why you need to meet their need…

What are your needs? As I sit in Starbucks this morning looking at the line of people filing in and out of the front door, I think many of them would say they need coffee. When I was growing up we all knew we needed for our mama to have her coffee in the morning before seeing us or it was bad for everyone. I'm fortunate in that I can take it or leave it. I really view it more as a treat than a need, but others would say I'm crazy. What are your actual needs? The things that [...]

Mountains + Shopping + Children’s Books = God

Do you ever wish you could just escape from it all? Maybe vacation in the Caribbean or hop across the pond to somewhere beautiful in Europe? Don't we all; however, that doesn't happen too often. Fortunately for me, I have fabulous friends who will swoop in from time to time and kidnap me for the day. Yesterday was one of those days. A sweet friend picked me up and pointed her car north towards the North Georgia mountains where we spent the day knocking around small towns along the way. We talked, laughed, ate and shopped. It was such great fun. [...]

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Have you ever thought about it?

Where do you meet with God? Do you do so in a certain room or chair in your house? Or are you more the outdoor type of person who meets with Him in nature? I can always connect with God at the beach or in the mountains; however, as far as day to day I have a favorite chair in my house where I like to have my morning quiet times. More often than not, God likes to have His most profound conversations with me in the shower. Some people sing in the shower, I talk with the Lord there. I have [...]

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What’s on the menu today?

What did you eat yesterday? Did you eat at home or did you go out for your meals? If you're like many Americans, you probably consumed one or more meals in your car. Everything about our culture seems to be in a hurry. Rarely do families take the time to plan and cook meals from scratch. If they do eat a meal at home, it usually involves the use of a microwave and prepacked, processed food. And then we wonder why our culture is full of disease and health issues. The bottom line is when we put food in our system [...]

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How often do you eat?

How often do you eat? Typically, people eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, now there are all types of diets that suggest you eat more often, such as three meals and two snacks a day or six small fuelings a day, and so on. Suffice it to say, most people eat multiple times a day. What if you only ate once a week? How would that impact your health? Would you be mentally sharp eating only once a week? Would you be able to recall information and make level headed decisions? What about your physical stamina? [...]

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Where are you pointing?

Are you a healthy eater or a junk food junkie? If I'm honest, I used to eat my fair share of junk food.  I never gave much thought about what went into my body, other than based on taste. That was before I was diagnosed with skin cancer and learned what you put in your body impacts your health.  Certain foods create a breeding ground for cancer. Since I never wanted to hear the "c" word again in relation to me or anyone I knew and loved, I changed my eating habits and cut out a lot of the junk [...]

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