This rocked my world and became a game changer.

Do you have a big family? Compared to my grandmother, who was one of ten children, I have a small family. I was one of three. I'm the middle child and the only daughter. I tell my brothers that our family is like an Oreo cookie, the best part is in the center. My husband and I have two children. They are our joy. I have loved every stage of their lives from babies to almost adulthood. I would say they are two of my best friends; however, the greater blessing is that they say the same thing about me. [...]

He’s better than Jake from State Farm!

Do you ever pay attention to commercials? I mean other than Super Bowl time? Every now and then there will be one that has a jingle that sticks with you or the commercial will make you laugh so you remember it. State Farm made sure everyone knew their jingle, Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." Then they capitalized on it by using it in the latest run of commercials by having the customer say the jingle and the agent immediately appears. Some are rescues from imminent danger. [youtube][/youtube] Others are less traumatic situations. [youtube][/youtube] Either way, the point [...]

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Mountains + Shopping + Children’s Books = God

Do you ever wish you could just escape from it all? Maybe vacation in the Caribbean or hop across the pond to somewhere beautiful in Europe? Don't we all; however, that doesn't happen too often. Fortunately for me, I have fabulous friends who will swoop in from time to time and kidnap me for the day. Yesterday was one of those days. A sweet friend picked me up and pointed her car north towards the North Georgia mountains where we spent the day knocking around small towns along the way. We talked, laughed, ate and shopped. It was such great fun. [...]

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How do you define love?

Love How would you define love? With today being the first day of February, the month of love, I thought it would be interesting to see how you would define love.  My good friend, Webster, defines love as: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties attraction based on sexual desire affection based on admiration affection and tenderness felt by lovers a warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, What say you?" (Sorry, had to throw that one in there for my son, Sam.) It's interesting how we use the word love [...]

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