From Trash to Treasure

Do you recycle? Do you your have a trashcan where you dispose of your waste and then have a separate can where you dispose of your recyclable materials? Many people just throw everything in a trashcan and call it a day. They don't bother with taking the time to separateĀ out things that can be used again from those things that are simply garbage. They see it all as waste. To recycle takes time and effort. This past weekend as I drove to meet a friend for lunch I passed by a festival in a park. It seemed to go on [...]

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What’s on the menu today?

What did you eat yesterday? Did you eat at home or did you go out for your meals? If you're like many Americans, you probably consumed one or more meals in your car. Everything about our culture seems to be in a hurry. Rarely do families take the time to plan and cook meals from scratch. If they do eat a meal at home, it usually involves the use of a microwave and prepacked, processed food. And then we wonder why our culture isĀ full of disease and health issues. The bottom line is when we put food in our system [...]

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