What are you growing this year?

Have you noticed the birds chirping first thing in the morning? A sure sign that spring is creeping up on us. I, for one, am beyond ready and excited. I love almost everything about spring. I love the sounds of spring: birds chirping, lawnmowers outside, and children playing on the lawn. I love the smells of spring: fresh cut grass, BBQ grills cooking away, and fresh flowers. I love the colors of spring: bright yellows, blues, pinks and greens. I love the sights of spring: butterflies, baby birds, trees covered in buds, and flowers pushing through the dirt with their [...]

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5 Myths About Human Trafficking

How do you define truth? Webster's Dictionary defines it as: the real facts about something;  the things that are true; the quality or state of being true..." and it defines true as being: agreeing with the facts; not false; real or genuine. " The enemy loves taking a bit of truth, adding a few false statements, mixing them together and presenting the revised version as truth. There's just enough truth in it to be confusing to some. Others buy it as truth because they recognize some of it so they assume it all must be accurate. He did this to Eve [...]

Surviving or thriving?

Does God talk to you in your day to day happenings? I find that He will strike up a conversation with me when I least expect it. How you might ask? When a thought enters my mind that I know isn't mine, it's usually Him. This morning I was watering my plants in the backyard and that's where it started. I realized it had been a few days since I'd watered them. I'm notorious for buying beautiful plants, planting them in the ground and forgetting about them, expecting them to thrive on their own. They don't ever survive. I find [...]

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