The Poser

Do your children like to play dress up where they pretend they are someone else? My children did it all the time. You never knew what they were going to walk in wearing. One of my favorites is when they looked like a western version of Bonnie and Clyde. I have that picture framed because I loved it so. My son still dresses up from time to time for various events. His most famous costume in high school was Captain Jack Sparrow. He had the outfit, he knew the lines, the mannerisms, the swagger, and even had the accent down [...]

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From Fight to Flight…

Have you ever watched a caterpillar break out of its cocoon and fly away as a beautiful butterfly? I've seen pictures of it, but never witnessed it in nature. Lately I have seen butterflies all over the place. When I was at the beach, I saw at least one butterfly a day on the beach, which I don't ever recall seeing before. They were all white and beautiful. This past week at Georgia Tech Parents Weekend, I saw a yellow butterfly flitting through the stadium during the football game. I guess a Clemson orange butterfly knew better than to show [...]

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Which way will you go?

Do you like a game plan? Do you like to know where things are going and what's coming next? It has been said, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Right now there's a lot of planning going on in my house. My daughter is a senior, so she's in the midst of college applications, scholarship applications, etc. My son, who is a sophomore at Georgia Tech, is also filling out applications; however, his happen to be for summer internships. If you've ever applied to either, you know it can be a very stressful process. They're searching for [...]

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How can I help?

Are you involved in the fight against human sex trafficking? I have been excited and inspired by some of the people I’ve met across this journey: college students, fathers, mothers, young girls, survivors, all wanting to raise their voice for hope in some way. Last night I received an email from a dear friend in Augusta, GA.  It read, Just finished Rescuing Hope. Couldn't put it down. Could hardly finish reading through my tears, now what do I do?” She’s a wife of fifty plus years, mother and grandmother and sees a need to join the fight. Then I received a [...]

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