The First Gift of Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just 6 days away? It seems to come faster every year. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I have to admit this is the latest I've ever been shopping for gifts. I like to have things done early so I can sit back and enjoy the season without any of the stress of still having gifts to purchase; however, my son waited until he came home from college to tell me anything he wanted for Christmas. Therefore, I'm in the midst of the chaos. Do you have something on your Christmas list you really [...]

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How to Give the Best Gifts

Have you noticed the mornings are cooler? According to the calendar, it will officially be fall this weekend; however, for many the day Big Yellow started rolling, taking children back to school, summer came to an end.  One of the many things people do to usher fall in is start cleaning out their closets. A  young friend of mine has taken this opportunity to host a clothing drive for Solomon House, a safe house for victims of sex trafficking run by Out of Darkness. She announced the clothing drive at her church and among her peers.  Yesterday, she showed up [...]

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Got Leftovers?

Do you like leftovers? When my son was home, we rarely if ever had leftovers from one day to the next. He would eat whatever I prepared for dinner two to three times before going to bed and if there happened to be anything left when he went to sleep, he would take care of it for breakfast, no matter what dinner happened to be. Yes, we would frequently smell things like salmon or refried beans being warmed up in the morning.  It was enough to make you skip breakfast. I’ve never been one to care for leftovers.  It’s not [...]

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Who is she talking to now?

Making someone laugh, no matter how ridiculous I look! Are you the type of person who strikes up conversations with strangers?  I'm sure  it doesn't surprise you to know I will talk to a tree stump.  I find people fascinating and I love hearing their stories.  Most people are so desperate to have someone to listen to them, they'll talk to anyone who shows an interest.  My favorite types of people to strike up conversations with are young moms who need an encouraging word and a reminder they'll survive, children who need a laugh or a smile,  or [...]

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