Have you ever been kayaking down a river? I fell in love with kayaking on a family vacation several years ago and when my son said he wanted to do something special together before he went off to graduate school, I knew what I wanted to do. We spent a morning kayaking down the Chestatee River in Dahlonega, Georgia. It was such a quiet, peaceful morning. There was only one other kayak on the river as we made our way down stream, which was probably good since we didn't really know what we were doing. I may or may not have [...]

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He can’t wait………

Do you have children? If so, are they living at home still or have you experienced the empty nest? This school year my husband, Mark, and I became empty nesters. Just yesterday I saw a meme of a bird perched on the side of  an empty nest with a worm in it's mouth and it read, Now what am I supposed to do?" I can honestly say I haven't had to ask now what because the Lord has kept me occupied, but I miss my children. I miss sitting on the sofa with them for hours on end, laughing and talking through [...]

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What or who is number one?

Do you have a Facebook page? I do and I am on it fairly regularly, posting articles on sex trafficking as well as praises for great things that happen in the fight. I tend to skim over other things, trying to avoid being sucked in for hours. Sometimes there are stories and posts that just draw you in and demand your attention. This morning I read a post by a friend who shared a conversation between her and a little boy God has brought into her life. It was precious. He wanted to know, ...what's more important, worshiping God or getting [...]

Full Body Search

Have you ever been searched by airport security? Depending on where you've traveled, it can be quite an ordeal. I've had the American search, which is a light tapping on your body. It takes a couple of seconds and you're on your way. But I've also had the Ghanaian search, which is one step short of a cavity search. Let's put it this way, the woman knew far more about me than anyone else in Ghana. The purpose for the search is for safety measures. They are looking for things they couldn't find with the naked eye. They're looking to [...]

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What comes out when you squeeze?

How do you squeeze toothpaste on your toothbrush? Do you squeeze from the middle thus creating a bow effect with the tube? Or do you push the toothpaste to the end of the tube and then squirt, leaving part of the tube flattened with the other end bulging? These are important things to know. People have had knockdown drag-out fights over less than this. We can learn a lot from a tube of toothpaste and what happens to it when it's squeezed. For example, when you squeeze the tube of toothpaste, however you squeeze, what comes out of it? Toothpaste, [...]

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Who is your neighbor?

The Blind Side Did you watch The Blind Side last night?  It was on network television and even though we own the movie, when we came across it channel surfing we landed there and watched it for a while.  I love the movie and I particularly love Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy.  She is classy and sassy and will fight like a mama bear when it comes to her children, including the big one she adopted, Michael Oher.  Michael was a young homeless man who had no one in his corner, that was until he fell on Leigh Ann [...]

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“A tree takes time.”

Stages of a tree... What comes to mind when you hear the word hope? After writing the book, Rescuing Hope, I see faces when I hear the word hope, because I don’t hear a verb, I hear a proper noun, a girl’s name.  Hope to me represents the girls I interviewed for the book, the ones still held in bondage in need of rescuing, and those who have yet to be lured but are on the brink of capture. The word hope also brings Jesus to mind.  In 1 Timothy 1:1, Jesus is called our hope.  Jeremiah 14:22 also refers [...]

Will you accept this heart?

Did you watch the Bachelor finale last night?  Sean Lowe was faced with decision of a lifetime.  After months of dating multiple women, he had narrowed the choice down to Catherine and Lindsay. Which woman would he send home and which one would he choose to spend the rest of his life with? Lindsay was confident.  She arrived at the final rose ceremony fully expecting to see Sean go down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Catherine was nervous and unsure of everything except for her feelings for Sean.  In the [...]

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Will you give your heart away?

Will you be My Valentine?" That's the question the Lord asks us, but not just on February 14th.  Every day He seeks our hearts.  It is His desire to give us a heart transplant, trading our hearts for His, so we can be His witnesses throughout the earth [Isaiah 43:10, Acts 1:8]. How are we His witnesses?  Is it just by telling people about Him? That's one way to witness; however, kind words and deed, especially unmerited ones, are a way of witnessing to Him. Ultimately, our words and deeds should point others to Jesus. Matthew 25:35-40 says, 'For I [...]

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