Do Your Part

Anything exciting happening in your world today? Any fun weekend plans? This afternoon I will pick my son up from college. He'll be home for a few weeks before taking off for a summer internship. During that time he'll try and catch up on sleep, connect with friends, and probably eat everything that isn't nailed down. He has grown into a very independent young man, very self sufficient. However he can become helpless pretty quickly askingĀ me to do for him what he is fully capable of doing for himself... if I allow it. There are some things I will do [...]

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“You been fighting?”

Do you have any childhood memories that are based more on stories handed down in the family than experience? You know the kind of stories I'm talking about. The stories family members tell over and over at every cookout, holiday party and family reunion. I heardĀ one story so many times growing up that I remember it as if I remember it. Does that make sense to anyone? My brother, David, must have been around five or six years old, which would have made me two or three, as in the picture above. We attended Grace United Methodist Church in Greensboro, [...]

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Need a spotter?

Have you ever bench pressed weights before? One of the first things you learn about weight lifting is never do it alone. You need a spotter, someone to help you lift the weights back to safety if you pick up more than you can handle or if you simply run out of steam. A spotter stands behind you, typically at your head, and keeps their hands close to the bar so they are ready if and when you need them. If you start to struggle, they may assist a little, still allowing you to push all you've got, or they [...]

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