Have you ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with a teenager when he's in a room full of friends with the television going on and he's texting someone? Or a toddler who has a room full of toys before her and a Disney movie on the television? It's nearly impossible. You may get grunts and head shakes at the appropriate times, but what are they really grasping? And if they convey anything in return, other than a grunt, does it make any sense to the conversation? Now, is it any wonder people are always saying God never speaks to them? God [...]

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Droid or iPhone?

Droid or iPhone? Which is your preference and why? For the longest time I had a Samsung Galaxy and loved it, but it got to where the phone battery wouldn't hold a charge. I could charge it overnight and within an hour or so it would be dead. It wasn't just because I use my phone a lot, which I do. There was an issue with the phone's ability to hold a charge. It needed to be plugged in constantly. Since I don't have a power outlet with me at all times, something had to change. My next phone was [...]

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