How to Make the Impossible Possible

  The cookbook from my Southern Elementary School class. Photo credit: Rebecca Fleming Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? I never attended kindergarten, but I taught kindergarten. I loved my students dearly. They were fun. They were trusting. They were adventurous. I could have walked in the door and told my class we were going to climb on the roof and learn to fly and I think they would have cheered and followed me. They trusted me. They believed in me; therefore, they followed me. As a result, our year together was filled with fun and adventure. As [...]

A 24 year old prayer answered!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I thoroughly enjoyed my week with my family. We held true to some old traditions but started what I believe will be some new ones. A new tradition we started this year was running the Gobble Jog. It is a 5K road race that benefits MUST Ministries, an organization that ministers to the homeless, providing them food, clothing and a warm place to sleep at night, among other things. They had over 9000 runners/walkers. One of my favorite Thanksgiving weekend traditions is purchasing and decorating our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It is a big [...]

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Got rest?

Did you ever have nap time in kindergarten? Maybe you were like me and didn't start school until first grade. While I may not have been in school at 5 years old, my mother still instituted nap time. Every afternoon after lunch, she would tuck me in my bed for a nap and then she'd stretch out on the sofa to rest her eyes for a minute.  I know it may surprise you, but I was a bit of a rebel. I didn't like the idea of taking a nap. I was too afraid I would miss something. My mother, on [...]

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