What shapes you? What makes you who you are?

Did you ever watch Mr. Rogers as a child? This morning as I signed onto Facebook to send out birthday greetings to friends, a clip from a Mr. Rogers episode caught my eye. The thought of that show takes me back to the living room of the house I grew up in on Saxon Court. I couldn't help but watch it. If you're a fan of Mr. Rogers, you can watch it here. The clip caused me to reflect on television shows and movies that impacted me as a child. I have always loved movies, whether on television or in [...]

She was a lot like you, until…

What do you think a trafficking victim looks like? Is bruised and beaten? Is she restrained some way? Chained to a bed maybe? Possibly, but more than likely she looks like the average girl you'd pass in a shopping mall. With the use of technology, the vast majority of girls and women trafficked don't stand on street corners, also referred to as the track, dressed as ladies of the evening. The Crimes Against Children Research Center stated, Much social activity is migrating to the Internet, so it should not be surprising that this is true for crime in general and [...]

Have you ever thought about it?

Where do you meet with God? Do you do so in a certain room or chair in your house? Or are you more the outdoor type of person who meets with Him in nature? I can always connect with God at the beach or in the mountains; however, as far as day to day I have a favorite chair in my house where I like to have my morning quiet times. More often than not, God likes to have His most profound conversations with me in the shower. Some people sing in the shower, I talk with the Lord there. I have [...]

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