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Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer? I would imagine it is a sickening feeling to look up in your rear view mirror and see the person behind you with the blue lights flashing. I may or may not have experienced it in my lifetime. I'll never tell. This past week the local police seemed to be busy everywhere I went. In one day I passed four different people who had the misfortune of being escorted to the side of the road only to hear the words, License and registration, please." There was something a bit unusual [...]

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5 Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking in America

                         MSNBC Sex Slaves Do you ever watch MSNBC? It is one of the few networks that boldly shines a spotlight on the issue of sex trafficking in America through their series, Sex Slaves. They travel across the nation, highlighting various cities where law enforcement is taking steps to crack down on the purchasing of sex. Sometimes, the target is the demand side. Law enforcement agencies set up sting operations and use undercover police officers to pose as prostitutes. Once a deal is made, the john- the [...]

Landmark Legislation Aimed at Trafficking

Did you happen to catch the national news yesterday? Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, signed four bills into law that will help fuel the fight against human trafficking in his state. These new laws increase the penalties against perpetrators, broaden the reach of those held accountable and offer more resources for victims of this horrific crime. You can read those bills here (HB 1025, HB 569, HB 1105 and HB 1262). At the signing of the bills into law, Governor Jindal said, I am proud to sign these bills into law to help us win the war against human trafficking in Louisiana. [...]

What is one thing we all desire in life?

Do you know the Golden Rule? I would venture to guess most people are familiar with it, even those who aren't believers in Christ. It can be found in Luke 6:31, Do to others as you would have them do to you." Matthew 7:12 also records it and goes so far as to say the Golden Rule sums up the Law and the Prophets. This morning as I was reading an article about North Carolina holding a symposium on human trafficking for law enforcement, I couldn't help but think of the Golden Rule. What is one thing we all desire [...]

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There’s an APP for that!

What do you do when you see a young girl dressed scantily? Do you move your family as far away from her as you can, hoping they didn't notice her? Do you reach out to her, hoping to learn if she's in trouble or not? Domestic sex trafficking is a real and growing issue. We'd all like to think it only takes place in third world countries, but the reality is it takes place not only in our nation, but in our cities and neighborhoods. According to Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, the term sex trafficking means, the recruitment, [...]

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