Where are you pointing?

Are you a healthy eater or a junk food junkie? If I'm honest, I used to eat my fair share of junk food.  I never gave much thought about what went into my body, other than based on taste. That was before I was diagnosed with skin cancer and learned what you put in your body impacts your health.  Certain foods create a breeding ground for cancer. Since I never wanted to hear the "c" word again in relation to me or anyone I knew and loved, I changed my eating habits and cut out a lot of the junk [...]

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How to live a stress free life…

Have you ever played Follow the Leader? Do you prefer to be the leader or the follower? It has been said, “Where there is a void of leadership, Susan will step in.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t have to be in charge, but I like to know that someone is running things. When I lead, I like to have a plan.  For example, when I take a short term mission team into the field, I hold multiple training meetings. I like to educate them on where they’re going, how to prepare, [...]

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