What do you see?

Have I mentioned to you that I started a new workout program in January? It's crazy intense. It's called Hammer & Chisel and more days than not, I feel like I'm the nail getting hammered by this workout. It is all about weight lifting and strength building, which is good considering I had virtually no upper body strength when I began this workout. I wake up most mornings between 5-5:30 a.m. and drag my body downstairs to start the DVD. I constantly tell myself that I must wake up or I'm going to drop a 15 pound dumbbell on my [...]

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Gotta light?

Do you meet new people on a regular basis? The work I do provides the opportunity to meet new people weekly if not daily. Some of them are brief encounters while others are longer. Nonetheless, each encounter serves a purpose. I never pass up the opportunity to meet someone new, hear their story and learn from them. We can learn something from everyone if we'll willing to take the time to sit and listen. Everyone is an expert about something, even if it is only about their own life experiences. We can glean something from listening, asking questions, and engaging in [...]

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Are you in the dark?

How have you adjusted to the Day Light Savings Time change? Do like it or does it take you all winter to get used to it? I much prefer to have more daylight, I find it hard to start and end my day in the dark. It really puts a damper on my running schedule. It's dark and cold in the morning and then it gets dark in the early evening. I used to be a morning runner; however, temperatures alone have cause me to shift to the later part of the day . Did I mention I hate cold [...]

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Have you ever had a plant speak to you?

Are you a gardener? If you been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I come from a long liner of green thumbs. My thumbs are not green. In fact, I've often wondered if they were black because most things I plant tend to die. It might have something to do with the fact that I invest a full day of loving care and attention to them and then wish them well, moving on to my next project. Plants, like people, are not independent just because you want them to be. They require some assistance and [...]

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Are you shining?

Do you ever go outside and look at the stars at night? Living in a large city with lots of street lights, buildings lit up and even billboards make it hard to truly appreciate the stars sometimes. I enjoy being in the mountains or at the beach, where there's no competition for the majesty of the stars. I'm not really into astrology or the science behind stars, I just love the beauty of a star-filled night. When I was in Africa on a mission trip I was convinced God had placed thousands upon thousands more stars in the sky after [...]

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Does anything stand out to you?

What do you see when you look at this picture? Do you notice the lush green foliage in the background or do your eyes lock on the dead leaves? Anything else? At first, I thought I was looking at some dead leaves that looked like a lizard, but on closer examination, I realized what I was looking at was a lizard, a Gecko to be specific, looking like dead leaves. Geckos, like many other animals, use camouflage to blend in with their environment as a defense mechanism against predators. By blending in with their surroundings, they can easily be overlooked. [...]

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