How full is your plate?

When your family has dinner together is the food plated and then served? Or does your family leave the food on the stovetop and counter for people to serve themselves? Or still, is the food brought to the table and everything passed around as people serve themselves? Growing up, Mom always put the food on the table and we passed everything around to fill our plates. In my house we typically serve our own plates buffet style and then take our plates to the table. More often than not, someone will put more of something on their plate than they can [...]

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What are you carrying?

What is your dream car? Is it a sedan? Or is it vintage sports car of some type? Something with some zip to it that could lead to speeding tickets... that is if they can catch you? Or are you longing for a SUV so you can haul all of your toys as you travel? Surprisingly, I remember a day when I longed for a minivan. When I had little children and had to haul half of the house with us when we traveled, the Honda Odyssey Minivan was the dream car. Now, 273,000 miles later, not so much. I'm [...]

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Need a spotter?

Have you ever bench pressed weights before? One of the first things you learn about weight lifting is never do it alone. You need a spotter, someone to help you lift the weights back to safety if you pick up more than you can handle or if you simply run out of steam. A spotter stands behind you, typically at your head, and keeps their hands close to the bar so they are ready if and when you need them. If you start to struggle, they may assist a little, still allowing you to push all you've got, or they [...]

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