Front Line Friday with Diane Drake

It's Front Line Friday and it is my privilege to introduce you to Diane Drake. Diane is a wife, mother and an active member of Lost Mountain Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia. She is a lot like many of you. I've chosen to feature her on Front Line Fridays because I want readers to understand that you don't have to be the founder of an organization to have an impact on the fight against sex trafficking, although she's about to launch one. There is a place in this fight for all of us. I hope Diane's message will resonate [...]

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How to change your story from horror to hope!

What did you do last night? I had the privilege of doing one of my favorite things. I got to be a recruiter for God's army and call up new recruits to join the fight against sex trafficking in America. Lost Mountain Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia hosted a Night of Hope. We had a large turn out of people, young and old, eager to learn what they could do about the atrocity of sex trafficking, not in Cambodia or Thailand, but right in their own backyards. I loved watching their faces transition from shock and horror to commitment. [...]

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End It Now!

End It Movement Do you have big weekend plans? Tonight I will be attending the End It Movement fundraiser put on by some Kennesaw State University students who attended Passion 2013. They couldn't just turn and look the other way after learning about human trafficking.  They chose to organize an event for their community, high school students and college friends.  They have a minimal cover charge to cover the food and help them raise funds for the movement.  There will be three different bands playing and I'll share about the issue and how people can get involved. Their hope [...]

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