What does tax day mean to you?

Did you get your taxes done? April 15th has a way of making people stressed out and a bit nervous sometimes. It's that dreaded day when the government, both state and federal, expects a full report of your financial situation. They want to make sure you're giving them their cut of your earnings. April 15th holds a different meaning to me. Eighteen years ago on this day, we said see you later to a very dear woman in my life, Ann Payne, known to all who loved her as Mama Payne. Mama Payne was not related to our family in any way [...]

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Where are you investing?

What did you do last night? I attended a community awareness seminar on human sex trafficking sponsored by a police department outside of Atlanta. I went for two reasons.  First, I like to stay on top of the latest research and make sure I haven't missed any new information available.  I also went because a high school senior asked me to be her mentor for her senior project.  Her topic is human sex trafficking.  Her goal is to raise awareness in her high school and community. This was her first event on the issue and she learned a lot. As [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 5, Hope is calling.

Will you answer her call? Do you know anyone who serves in the military? I have a young friend, Alex, who graduated from high school with my son this past May and joined the army.  He’s gone through boot camp and he is now stationed in Kentucky.  I have another friend  in the army reserves who served for eighteen months in Afghanistan.  It’s easy to forget there’s a war going on until you know someone in the midst of it. Then war takes on a face and a name. When you have a heart connection with someone involved, [...]

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