What can I do? I’m just one person.

Interstate 20 in Georgia Have you signed up to be a part of Circle Atlanta for Hope yet? I have been so blessed to see the number of people sharing the website information and challenging their friends to be a part of it. This is an event that everyone can be a part of, young and old. It is a way families can teach their children about the power of prayer. This is a way for the elderly to engage in the fight. As I was praying for the event this morning, I asked God to help people understand [...]

Praying in Freedom for the Captives

Interstate 20 Do you believe prayer works? You sit and pour out your heart to the Lord and hope to see Him move. Sometimes you pray the same thing for days, weeks, months or years without seeing any activity. Do you think He hears your or is He just too busy? A friend of mine stood in church yesterday and shared how God answered a prayer she'd been praying for some time now. She has family in south Georgia she visits fairly regularly.  This trip takes her up and down interstate 20. Since she makes that trip alone, [...]

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