5 Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking in America

                         MSNBC Sex Slaves Do you ever watch MSNBC? It is one of the few networks that boldly shines a spotlight on the issue of sex trafficking in America through their series, Sex Slaves. They travel across the nation, highlighting various cities where law enforcement is taking steps to crack down on the purchasing of sex. Sometimes, the target is the demand side. Law enforcement agencies set up sting operations and use undercover police officers to pose as prostitutes. Once a deal is made, the john- the [...]

Wake Up America!

Sound the Alarm!i Do you wake up to an alarm clock? I do and when it goes off, I waste no time in waking up just to make that awful sound cease.  It's like fingernails on a chalkboard. I hate it.  There've been times I've heard that obnoxious sound in a radio or television commercial and I almost have to leave the room, because I can't stand to hear it. If I had the radio come on softly to wake me up, I'd never wake up. I'd probably assimilate the music into my dreams, if I heard it [...]

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