Does it line up?

Proof that Nanny still has a strong influence in my life. Do you sew? I am doing well to sew a button back on a shirt, but my grandmother, we called Nanny, was a phenomenal seamstress, among other things. Nanny and I loved to shop together. I remember her taking me to the Limited, which was the store to shop back in the day. She had me choose something I liked. I picked out the most beautiful skirt. It was the trend of the day. I thought she was going to buy it for me and I was very excited. [...]

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Is it really dead?

Do you have a green thumb? Do you just plant things and they grow? My grandmother, we called her Nanny, didn't just have green thumbs, she had green hands. Everything she touched seemed to grow and grow and grow. Nanny would spend hours in the early morning outside tending to her plants. We used to joke and call her the plant whisperer. Her yard looked like the cover of a Southern Living magazine. Sometimes she would buy plants that were marked down because they looked like they were headed for the landfill and she would breath life back into them. Out [...]

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