What did you want to be when you grew up?

  Sam at 3 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up? A superhero? A sports star? A musical sensation? Most children dream of world changing professions or positions that allow them to continuously do their favorite things, whether it's playing a sport or some musical aspiration. As children, we dream big and don't think anything is impossible. Then life happens. We grow up, get tainted by the pessimistic attitudes of others, and begin to feel pressure to make a certain amount of money to make ends meet or keep up with the Jones' as [...]

What can I do about it?

Did you ever watch the television show, Kids Say the Darndest Things, when it was on? Art Linkletter was the first host of the show, followed by Bill Cosby. The program was improvisation at it's finest. Nothing was rehearsed, truly an example of what you see is what you get, and it was hilarious. I love phrases from children. One of my favorite that our family has used through the years came from my cousin, Brad. It was, How can mine help it?" He said it when something happened where he felt helpless. He knew someone should do something, but [...]

IT’S FRONT LINE FRIDAY with TrueNorth Freedom Project

It's FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I have the privilege of introducing you to Anne Kerr, founder and president of TrueNorth Freedom Project. I met Anne in 2010 when we were both just getting our feet wet in the anti trafficking movement. She was a volunteer with Not For Sale. From there she went on to be director of Out of Darkness for a season and since then, she's been called to tackle the demand side of the issue. You're going to love getting to know Anne.  Let's get started: When did you first hear about the issue of sex trafficking? In [...]


Did you have a nice weekend? Do you do anything special? On Saturday, I took my husband on a surprise field trip to High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet. He loves, loves, loves ice cream. This is a factory that is owned and operated by chefs who create the high quality, gourmet ice cream for chefs to serve in high end restaurants and gourmet food stores. They sell a very limited selection in Whole Foods , but nowhere near the selection they produce in the factory. They just recently opened a factory store where you can not only purchase the [...]

FRONT LINE FRIDAY with Funmi Adebayo of Out of Darkness

IT'S FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I am so very excited to introduce you to a fellow abolitionist and my dear freind, Funmi Adebayo. Funmi is a care coordinator and house mom for one of the safe houses run by Out of Darkness. Funmi is originally from Nigeria and has a lovely spirit about her. She carries the peace of the Lord and just brings a sense of calm everywhere she goes. You're going to love her! When did you first hear about the issue of sex trafficking? I read the book, Not for Sale, by David Batstone on a flight back [...]

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FRONT LINE FRIDAY with Debbie Allen of BeLoved Atlanta

It's Front Line Friday. I'm excited to introduce you to Debbie Allen of BeLoved Atlanta, which provides a program and residential home for women who desire freedom from sexual exploitation in the city of Atlanta. Debbie is the Director of Operations and works with the residents on their daily logistics including transportation, doctor appointments, and documentation requirements etc.  You're going to love her. When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking? My first detailed information about trafficking was when I went to Costa Rica to serve with LightForce International, an anti-trafficking, non-profit organization working in San Jose. What [...]

FRONT LINE FRIDAY with Dr. Sherry Rudd

It's FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I am so excited to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Dr. Sherry Rudd. Dr. Rudd is a dentist and the owner of Gentle Care Family Dentistry. I know you may be wondering why I'm featuring a dentist on Front Line Friday. Well, I'm glad you asked. She may be a dentist by day, but she is truly an angel with her wings hidden and she is on the front line of the fight against trafficking. You're going to love her! When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking in America? [...]

Front Line Friday with Tammy Kennedy!

It's Front Line Friday! I am excited to introduce you to my friend, Tammy Kennedy. Tammy fights sex trafficking in a unique way. She tries to reach victims of childhood sexual abuse before they become a victim of sex trafficking. Through her program, she offers healing to these precious children and helps them discover who they are in Christ Jesus through the creative arts. She's very gifted and I know you're going to love to get to know here. When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking? I was trafficked myself as a child so I knew [...]


[youtube]http://youtu.be/O5z8wyW67mI[/youtube]Today is Front Line Friday and you have the opportunity to meet Jessica, a staff member of 4Sarah. 4Sarah is a nonprofit that assists women caught in sexual exploitation to shift the trajectory of their lives through outreach and their scholarship program. When did you first hear about the issue of sex trafficking  America? I first heard about it in 2008. I had heard about it happening overseas but never thought it was so wide spread in America. I know it was probably going on, but in 2008 my eyes were opened and my heart began to stir. Did you read any books [...]

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Front Line Friday with Diane Drake

It's Front Line Friday and it is my privilege to introduce you to Diane Drake. Diane is a wife, mother and an active member of Lost Mountain Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia. She is a lot like many of you. I've chosen to feature her on Front Line Fridays because I want readers to understand that you don't have to be the founder of an organization to have an impact on the fight against sex trafficking, although she's about to launch one. There is a place in this fight for all of us. I hope Diane's message will resonate [...]

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