How do you see it?

How is your day looking? I woke up this morning to snow falling. We haven't had a snowfall this year and it is quite beautiful as it falls. I picked up the phone and called my mom to tell her it was snowing here. Her response was less than excited. You see it was also snowing at her home in North Carolina. The difference? It snowed last week at her house and the they had sleet and freezing rain on top of it. All of the mess from last week finally melted and yesterday was the first full day they [...]

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Where are you looking?

  Out of Darkness Seeds of Hope Gala (I'm wearing heels too.) Are you tall? I'm 5'4.5" tall. Yes, that half inch is important to include, especially when you're my height. My husband is 6'4" tall. You do the math. He is almost a foot taller than me. I spend a great deal of my time looking up. I do; however, remind him that dynamite comes in small packages. My mother's side of the family is height challenged. She is 5' even. My aunt is 4'11" tall and my grandmother was 4'10" tall. I was the giant of [...]

How do you see things?

Move in day, freshman year Do you have school age children? It is back to school time for most of them, whether they're in elementary school or college.  Yesterday, a friend of mine took her first born son to college for his freshman year.  It was a bittersweet time for her as she watched this child morph into a man before her very eyes. Similar to my experience, in the midst of setting up his room he got a message looked at her and said he had somewhere he had to be.  It was time for her to [...]

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