Are you in the dark?

How have you adjusted to the Day Light Savings Time change? Do like it or does it take you all winter to get used to it? I much prefer to have more daylight, I find it hard to start and end my day in the dark. It really puts a damper on my running schedule. It's dark and cold in the morning and then it gets dark in the early evening. I used to be a morning runner; however, temperatures alone have cause me to shift to the later part of the day . Did I mention I hate cold [...]

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Did you plan for it to go this way?

Do you have children? A friend of mine had her first yesterday. Before she gave birth, she told me how she wanted to have a natural childbirth, because her mom had done so with her and her siblings. I remember telling her, I know your plan is to do this naturally, but if you get in there and determine you can't, it's okay to have an epidural. Many people do. The important thing is to deliver a healthy baby." I wish I could claim to be a fount of wisdom, but my doctor said similar words to me when I [...]

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Victim or Victor?

Do you have a fire escape plan? In fifth grade the fire lady used to come to our class and talk about fire safety. I'm sure she had a name other than fire lady, but that's who she was to me. She told us it was important to have a fire escape plan at home and to practice them. By having fire drills if the real event ever happened, we'd know exactly what to do because we would have prepared for it. Sports teams have drills and practice their skills so when they're in the stress of a game, they'll [...]

Which way will you go?

Do you like a game plan? Do you like to know where things are going and what's coming next? It has been said, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Right now there's a lot of planning going on in my house. My daughter is a senior, so she's in the midst of college applications, scholarship applications, etc. My son, who is a sophomore at Georgia Tech, is also filling out applications; however, his happen to be for summer internships. If you've ever applied to either, you know it can be a very stressful process. They're searching for [...]

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