Got bread today?

Do you pray the Lord's prayer often? When I attended a denominational church it was part of our Sunday morning service. Now that I attend a nondenominational church we do not say it routinely, however, I love it. Whether spoken or sung, the words are soothing to my heart. Yesterday, at our prayer meeting we prayed through the Lord's prayer and my mind camped on one part of it for the day. Give us this day our daily bread." [Matthew 6:11] I've always understood that to mean more than just food, but rather give us what we need for the [...]

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How are you? REALLY?

We're friends, right? This morning as I was having a chat with Jesus about you, yes you, and I found myself wondering what's going on in your life. Each weekday morning I sit with the Lord to ask Him what to share with you and today I realized I rarely hear from you. I know some of you read my posts on Facebook or other social media and respond there, and others will email me or text me about the blog post, but very few of you actually click on comment and leave a message there. I genuinely want to know what's [...]

Do Your Part

Anything exciting happening in your world today? Any fun weekend plans? This afternoon I will pick my son up from college. He'll be home for a few weeks before taking off for a summer internship. During that time he'll try and catch up on sleep, connect with friends, and probably eat everything that isn't nailed down. He has grown into a very independent young man, very self sufficient. However he can become helpless pretty quickly asking me to do for him what he is fully capable of doing for himself... if I allow it. There are some things I will do [...]

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Peace or Panic?

What do you do when bad news comes your way? Do you go into panic mode? Do you start calling everyone you know begging them to join you in prayer? Or do you have a very private panic attack? Yesterday, my daughter received a long anticipated email from her university. While it wasn't anything tragic, it wasn't necessarily the news she wanted. She was disappointed and close to tears when she called to share the news. She said couldn't really talk then because she was supposed to be meeting people but wanted me to know. I remember my brother making a similar [...]

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Got peace?

When was the last time you had a nightmare? I can't remember the last time I experienced one until last night. I woke from a deep sleep last night in a cold sweat, and it wasn't a hot flash. I was physically trembling. The dream seemed so real. I looked around trying to determine where I was and if it was, in fact, reality. I knew there was no hope of sleep without talking through this with my husband (yes, guys, we even have to talk through things in the middle of the night). I woke him up and told [...]

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What do you expect?

When you ask God to move in a situation, what do you expect to happen? Do expect to be disappointed? Do you think He even hears you? Prayer is important. If it wasn't, Jesus wouldn't have done it. Yet, He prayed and He prayed often. He prayed early in the morning (Mark 1:35).  He prayed over meals (Matthew 26:26). And He prayed in crisis situations when He needed a miracle to happen (John 11:41-43). Jesus knew when He prayed, the Father heard Him. He trusted the Father to do what was best for everyone in any given situation. He encouraged [...]

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Don’t leave home without it!

Nanny Are you a clothes horse? The kind of person who loves planning out an outfit for the day the night before, right down to your accessories? Or are you the kind of person that reaches in your closet and whatever your hand lands on is what you're going to wear? My grandmother, Nanny, was a sassy dresser.  Her outfits would coordinate down to her shoes and handbag.  In fact, shoes and handbags were her weakness. She always looked like a class act, as if she stepped out of a magazine.  As she grew older, she developed Alzheimer's [...]

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