Jared Fogle, there’s a connection!

What do you think  of when you hear the name Jared Fogle? Up until recently, you most likely thought of Subway. He went from being an overweight Indiana University student to the Subway spokesperson and some say cultural icon. He made his fortune by being the face of Subway for 15 years. While most saw Fogle as an ordinary guy who could easily be their neighbor, there was more to the story. Reporter, Rochelle Herman, gained her first glimpse of a story beneath the story when Fogle, married father of two, made a random comment, causing her concern. He told me that [...]

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Bring Back Our Girls!!!!

Have you read anything about the girls being kidnapped in Nigeria? Unless you've been walking around with your head in the sand, you've at least heard about it. You don't have to be someone who watches the news or even reads a newspaper to learn about what's happening. It's being posted all over Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. It's being talked about on virtually every radio station in some form or another. Nearly three weeks ago, close to 300 girls were kidnapped from their school.Then other stories followed stating, ...new details were emerging about the abduction of at [...]

Ruined or not?

Do you watch Downton Abbey? I have to admit I'm hooked. It took me until halfway through season one to become a huge fan, but now I watch it every week. If you watch, I'm sure you have your favorite characters on the show as I do. Two of mine are Anna and Mr. Bates. Anna is sweet, tender, selfless and innocent. She represents everything good in the world. Thomas said it best on the most recent episode when asked about her, She's incorruptible." Don't we all wish that would be said about us. Then there's her husband, Mr. Bates, [...]

What ‘cha reading?

Have you picked up a magazine or newspaper lately or read the news online? It only takes one glance to see our world is on a fast train heading south. Crisis Magazine shined a light on the reality that sex trafficking is as close as our backyard. Eye Witness News reported of a six week old baby being raped by an uncle while the child's mother and grandmother watched television in another room. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution's online site, AJC.com,  reported how Tiger Wood's half brother was possibly involved in a bomb threat. The New York Times reported how the [...]

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