Do you get excited when you find something valuable? I love when that happens, especially when I realize it has been overlooked before but I didn't miss it the second time around. This week I was reading through 1 Kings 18, which may or may not be a familiar passage of scripture to you. It is one of my absolute favorite stories of the Old Testament, the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel. I think I love it so much because God kicks butt. Can I say that here? He really does. It has to [...]

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Will you answer?

Have you seen the commercial that says Asheville is calling? If not, here is it. The announcer says, Asheville's calling. Will you answer it? Come and explore Asheville and dance to the beat of a different drum." Well my cellphone has not received a phone call from Asheville beckoning me to return there, but I yesterday I did receive a phone call form Ghana yesterday. I think Ghana trumps Asheville. Just sayin'. It was my dear friend, Eddie Nsafoa. He and I minister together when I travel to Ghana. He picks my team up at the airport and he is with [...]

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