This calls for war!

Have you seen the movie War Room yet? It released this past week and is doing quite well in the box office, ranking number 2 this weekend and bringing in an estimated $10.7M. It is proving, by it's own tagline, that prayer is a powerful weapon. As the fifth movie made by the Kendrick Brothers, War Room starred some recognizable faces in the faith community. Well known speaker, teacher, and writer, Beth Moore made a cameo appearance in the movie, while fellow speaker, teacher, writer, Priscilla Shrier, starred in the movie. When asked why she thought it was important to make a movie [...]

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How much grace?

Do you have a pastor that is special to you? I've been  blessed to have multiple pastors who have invested in my life and are dear to me. After sharing with you yesterday about Reverend Frank Edwards, I received his Christmas card and letter in the mail. I've decided to defer to him today and share a portion of his Christmas letter with you this morning. As Christmas again draws near I've been thinking about "the word made flesh" passage with which the Gospel of John begins (John 1:1-18). The verse that my mind has centered on is verse 16 [...]

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Have you received yours?

Have you sent out Christmas cards this year? They seem to have evolved through the years. It used to be that everyone would send a folded card with a beautiful picture on the outside of the card and a message inside. Then they started including photos and family newsletters or in some cases, the brag report. From cards with newsletters, we moved to the collage picture card, with a collection of photos telling about the high spots of the year. Now, many people have moved to the electronic Christmas card in order to save time, trees, and money. They get [...]

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