Do you have a tool I can borrow?

Do you have a tool chest? Is it full or are you continually adding new tools to it? My husband bought a Craftsman tool chest because he had outgrown his smaller toolbox and needed a place to store all of his tools together. We all have tools we use in life. Some of us have tools like a paint brush, a guitar pick, a computer or even a chef's knife. What kind of tools do you use in your line of work? Last night I hosted a new Bible study in my home. We are using the book The Circle Maker by Mark [...]

What search engine do you use?

Which search engine do you use when you are trying to find out information? Do you automatically go to Google or are you loyal to Bing? I know there are others out there, but they are not as well known. This morning when I sat in front of my computer to blog, Facebook was open and I happened to catch a post by Rita Springer.  If you aren't familiar with Rita Springer, I cannot stress enough how you should run, not walk, to iTunes and buy every CD she's ever released.  She's amazing!  Every once and a while she'll show [...]

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