Who knew?

What are the MUST HAVES among your Christmas concoctions according to your family? My family each has their favorites. My husband's favorite hands down is peanut butter fudge. My son loves chocolate peanut butter balls, sugared pecans, sugar cookies, and the list goes on and on. I really don't think he has a favorite. I think he simply likes it all. My daughter's favorite is one I've been making for years because my younger brother always requested it too: peppermint bark. The funny thing is, it's probably the easiest Christmas treat I make. It consists of taking about two dozen [...]

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How will you spend Christmas?

What will you be doing to celebrate Christmas? Will family travel to see you or will you be the one traveling? Do you make a huge meal for everyone to gather or do you keep it simple? The Norris family will spend this Christmas with friends and family, gathering to give one of the most priceless gifts we have to share... TIME. In the fast pace of life, with deadlines, meetings, and important phone calls, it's hard to find quality time with the Lord and those you love. I'll be taking the next two weeks off to spend dedicated time [...]

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