What’s for sale in the window where you live?

Do you ever go window shopping? There don't seem to be as many storefront windows as there used to be. I remember when my grandmother worked in retail, the storefront window was all the rage. It was long before social media was created, not mention used for advertising. Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking three precious ladies to the Atlanta Mart for some Christmas shopping. We shopped almost every one of the eighteen floors of the Gift Mart before heading over to the Apparel Mart. Not all of the showrooms are open, so you can make fast time, unless [...]

Problem or Solution?

How observant are you? Have you ever tested it? When I took a self defense training class with Powerhouse Self-Defense, one of the things the instructor tested was our observation skills. We were given a picture to look at for a few seconds and then we were asked to list all of the objects we saw in the picture. Next we looked at picture for a few seconds then given an altered picture and had to identify the missing items from the original photograph. Most participants learned they weren't very observant. Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons conducted a study on selective attention. Their findings are referred to [...]

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