Are you brave?

Do you know Annie F. Downs? She's becoming quite the big deal. She's a speaker on the Girls of Grace tour and Women of Faith. She's kind, genuine and beyond hilarious. If you haven't had the privilege of meeting her personally, you may know her from one of her amazing books, Perfectly Unique, Speak Love, or her latest release, Let's All Be Brave. I've had the privilege of knowing Annie for about fifteen years. Not only did I watch her grow up in our church, my children were blessed to have Annie invest in their lives through our youth program. I've [...]

How to mine for gold and ALWAYS find it.

Do you know a senior graduating this year? I know more than I can count. In fact, I have one in my home. The senior year of high school is filled with all sorts of firsts and lasts in life. It is also the year of the weening process, much life weening a child from breastfeeding. It is the time to push the baby bird out of the nest so he/she can fly on their own. One of the things our church does to celebrate the senior class is host a senior banquet just before graduation. It is a time [...]

One thing you can wear that never goes out of style!

What are you wearing today? Do you plan it out in advance or just walk in your closet and put on the first things you touch? My daughter loves fashion. At one time she thought she wanted to be a fashion designer. She used to sketch designs in little sketch book I had given her after spending hours pouring through magazines. I told her I would support her passion as long as she followed one standard... Everything you designed and everything you wear must bring honor and glory to God. She's since moved on with her career ambitions; however, she [...]

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