Are you shining?

Do you ever go outside and look at the stars at night? Living in a large city with lots of street lights, buildings lit up and even billboards make it hard to truly appreciate the stars sometimes. I enjoy being in the mountains or at the beach, where there's no competition for the majesty of the stars. I'm not really into astrology or the science behind stars, I just love the beauty of a star-filled night. When I was in Africa on a mission trip I was convinced God had placed thousands upon thousands more stars in the sky after [...]

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What’s your compass?

Have you ever owned a compass?  My son got one when he was in the Boy Scouts. A compass is: a light weight magnet, generally a magnetized needle, on a free rotating pivot. This allows the needle to better react to nearby magnetic fields. Since opposites attract the southern pole of the needle is attracted to the Earth’s natural magnetic north pole. This is how navigators are able to discern north." [ You can read more about compasses here.] You can always count on a compass to point you to true north no matter where you are in the world. It [...]

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