How are you? REALLY?

We're friends, right? This morning as I was having a chat with Jesus about you, yes you, and I found myself wondering what's going on in your life. Each weekday morning I sit with the Lord to ask Him what to share with you and today I realized I rarely hear from you. I know some of you read my posts on Facebook or other social media and respond there, and others will email me or text me about the blog post, but very few of you actually click on comment and leave a message there. I genuinely want to know what's [...]

What would you say?

What would you ask a survivor of  trafficking if you had the chance to talk with her? Last night I was talking with one of my precious girls and she asked me if I had started scheduling speaking engagements for 2015. As I stated listing off the events I have books and the dates they're scheduled she said, One of these days I'm gonna go with you and tell my story." I had to smile. She's come a long way in the past four and a half years. She smiles more and laughs often. She dreams of a future that [...]

Which way do you go?

When you're driving somewhere and you come to a fork in the road, what do you do? For me, if I clearly know where I'm going, like when I come to the fork in the road that leads to my parent's house, I choose the road the is familiar to me. I choose the road that takes me to my destination the quickest. However, if it is a road that is unfamiliar to me, I look for road signs or follow the directions of my GPS to get me to my destination. So how do we know the right path [...]

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A Story Worth Telling

Do you know anyone who fought in one of our nations wars?  I had an uncle and a great uncle who served in multiple wars, but neither ever spoke about it.  When I was in high school we had a Vietnam veteran come and share some of his story in  history class.  We were captivated by what he shared. He told one story that burned into my memory and I can recall it today as if I just heard it. We were in a fox hole, me and my buddy, with gunfire all around us. It was intense and the [...]

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