Can I get a witness?

Do you talk a lot or are you a person of few words? I've come to realize there seems to be a lot more talk about things in life than actions. It doesn't matter if you're fighting sex trafficking, trying to solve a problem in your business, discussing financial needs, or solving a problem among friends. There seems to be more words than anything. And as the old saying goes, Actions speak louder than words!" Jesus made the same point, but it was hidden at the end of a story we find in Matthew 8:1-4, When He came down from the [...]

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Which way do you go?

When you're driving somewhere and you come to a fork in the road, what do you do? For me, if I clearly know where I'm going, like when I come to the fork in the road that leads to my parent's house, I choose the road the is familiar to me. I choose the road that takes me to my destination the quickest. However, if it is a road that is unfamiliar to me, I look for road signs or follow the directions of my GPS to get me to my destination. So how do we know the right path [...]

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Have you started your fall cleaning yet? Yesterday, I started cleaning out and clearing out. I wouldn't call it fall cleaning because many falls have come and gone and this project has been avoided. Now that both children are in college, I have time to dedicate to the tedious task of sorting, purging and organizing. I came across a stack of old pictures that were shoved in a draw. I'm an avid scrapbooker so if there's a pile of pictures somewhere its usually duplicate prints or school pictures... you know the ones that come in a gazillion copies of one [...]

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Treasured Memories

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?  I put that question out to many of you on Facebook and had a great deal of fun hearing the various answers.  Many of the mothers said, “Anything made by my children.” I agree.  The various ornaments and decorations that are reflective of little hands and lots of love are very precious to me.  Others shared how they had a treasure that had been given to them when they were born or something that had been passed down through the generations.  One person shared how her favorite decoration was a gold, glittery star her [...]

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