Got Leftovers?

Do you like leftovers? When my son was home, we rarely if ever had leftovers from one day to the next. He would eat whatever I prepared for dinner two to three times before going to bed and if there happened to be anything left when he went to sleep, he would take care of it for breakfast, no matter what dinner happened to be. Yes, we would frequently smell things like salmon or refried beans being warmed up in the morning.  It was enough to make you skip breakfast. I’ve never been one to care for leftovers.  It’s not [...]

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Speak up!

The Message Do you ever read The Message Bible?  Every year I try to choose a new translation of the Bible to read through for the year and this year I've chosen The Message.  It's a great version of the Bible to give to someone who struggles with understanding the Bible.  It reads like a conversation. This morning out of curiosity, I flipped to a couple of verses God has placed heavy on my heart to see how they read.  The verse I've been chewing on the past week or so is Proverbs 31:8, Speak up for the people [...]

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